Toilet Trouble

Why does genius always seem to strike in the strangest of places? The gents toilet, for instance…  it seems that some adult men have the ability of 2 year old men, and like to impress other men by drawing on toilet walls. Though a 2 year old would have done a much better drawing, rather than this hapless scrawl.


One thing I don’t get, did this person get a genuine sense of achievement from a simple bowel function? I mean, did they call their parents to tell them the news? Did they take a page in the local paper? Will there be a blue plaque? A statue? Will there be a national holiday?  Should they expect a letter from Her Majesty? You see where i’m going with this?

My family had a hamster once, who in a very short space of time, learned that he should do his business in one corner of the cage, so as not to sully his environment… and he never bragged about it. Not once. God rest his little soul. Just think about the kind of humility that our beloved hamster could teach this individual if he were alive today.

In short, unless you’re genuinely dumber than a hamster, you probably shouldn’t draw on toilet walls.

For realz this time

WordPress is a tricky annoying thing to deal with, though once you find the right thing it’s pretty great.

As i’m not really doing the comics so much, I wanted a site where I could blog/rant and share all the art and stuff i’m doing on a more regular basis than I am the comics… I sense I may have to change the name of the site from ‘EHS Comics’. Anyone know anything about changing a URL? Anybody actually read this far?

Anyway, i’m happy now and have finished tinkering. I’m going back to watching the football now… may even have a beer.

So, here we are

Right, where was I? Oh yes, comics and stuff.

I’ve been busy doing a course, which may go some way to explaining a complete lack of additions to the site. Another way to explain it would be laziness. I have been drawing a little bit, but mainly painting odd dinosaurs and less of the “Shit Pets”. Occasionally, i’ve even attempted motivating myself by doing little drawings, as below.

photo (5)

So, what now? Well, I hope that this new look site will gear me up to do more stuff. It will probably end up being less comics and more things that amuse me, because that’s how I like it and frankly, drawing a comic every week is bloody exhausting for some reason.

Wasn’t this exciting?


EHS: Redux

Hi all,

Apologies if you’re visiting the site in it’s current state. I’m currently remodelling after 6 months or so of having a break. Please BEAR with me and i’ll sort this whole mess out as soon as I can.

Peace. Love. Death Metal.